Are You Using Chemicals in your Home?

MelaleucaChronicles: February 2017


Accordingto a recent article by the American Lung Association, many everydayhousehold products produce dangerous pollutants indoors and cancontribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions, headaches,etc. Products that consumers should be aware of include aerosolspray products, air fresheners, chlorine bleach, detergent and dishwashingliquid, dry cleaning chemicals, rug and upholstery cleaners, furniture andfloor polish, and oven cleaners.

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Tough& Tender is a product that I use daily. It is an all-purpose cleaner thatcan be used without worry on counters, tables, appliances, and granitecountertops. I love the smell and the fact that I don’t have to worryabout chemicals in my home! One 8oz bottle costs $5.69 (3pts) and it makes6 spray bottles! It also comes in cleaning wipes which are great to have inhand in the car (or near the toilet if you have a young son)!

NewProducts! Melaleuca added some great new products this month! The newSelect line is a collection of popular products that now meet specialdietary requirements. Every Select product is soy-free, gluten-free,GMO-free, does not contain artificial sweeteners and is kosher. A few specificproducts are also dairy-free and vegan. Two new flavors of Select SimplyFit snack bars were actually added this morning- Lemon Quinoa Crisp and TripleDark Chocolate Crunch. The Hidden Garden Premium Teas includesEnglish Breakfast Black Tea, Earl Grey Black Tea, Green Tea, Mint Green Tea,Chamomile Herbal Tea, and Peppermint Herbal Tea. There were severalproducts added to the Sei Bella skin care line! The Sun Valley lineincludes new fragrance experiences that come in foaming hand soap, body lotion,body mist, body wash, and liquid hand soap (think Bath & Body Worksbut without the junk!!). And then the line that I’m most excited about, ReviveAir Care! I haven’t used in-home fragrances or many candles other thanessential oils since Paisley was a toddler because I was afraid or tocheap to buy the good stuff! Melaleuca added this complete line of homeair care products including fabric fresheners, room sprays, scented oilwarmers, wax melts and soy candles. I ordered the Sea Salt and VanillaPlug In which I can’t wait to use in my office!

Oilof the Month

Eachmonth, Melaleuca features an oil of the month at a special price which is greatif you’re trying to build your stock slowly and affordably. Pure Brighten-JoyEssential Oil Blend is offered this month at a special priceof $16.00 (10pts). Also worth mentioning is the PURE Winter DiffuserBundle which is on sale for $47.74 (15pts.). It includes the Pure Diffuseralong with Pure Winter Morning Blend and Pure Wintergreen EssentialOil. We run our diffuser nightly because of Clay’s allergiesand I even have one in the kids’ rooms during cold season to helpwith the runny noses and itchy throats.

OurFamily Update

Januarywent very quickly this year! My middle daughter is now 17 weeks pregnant with Baby #3 and her and her husbandcouldn’t be more excited. Now to prepare the nursery… Paisley and Pryce startsoccer next week which means that I need to stock up on Sustain Sport,sunscreen, bug spray, and band aids! Pryce and I both have birthdays thismonth. Pryce is turning 6 years old! He is as full ofpersonality as ever!


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Havea lovely February!

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